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March Customer Specials

March 25, 2012

This is the last week to stock up on some great items for spring!

When you make a purchase of $39.96 or more, you qualify for 1 of 3 great items at fabulous prices…but they are only available through March 31st!

Stock up now!



July 23, 2010

I’m having a Giveaway over at !!

Come on over for your chance at a Cinnabar Appetizer Tray OR a $40 Gift Certificate to use in our new catalog!!!

Hurry up!

I’ve Moved!!

July 19, 2010

Come join me over at !! Same blog, different address!

I’ve had to move back to Blogger for several reasons, so I’ll be losing some of my followers, please come check out my new site and become a follower there…there may be a surprise in store!



Join Willow House!

July 19, 2010

I know you’ve heard this before, but seriously, now has NEVER been a better time to join Willow House! There are so many fabulous changes that will be coming in the coming months, but I want to share with you what will change immediately!

If you read this post, then you already read about some of them!

Here are your TOP 5 reasons to join NOW!
1. For JUST $99, you can OWN your own business!! Where else can you get a start up fee that low? For $99 you will get $500 in NEW Willow House products, Business Supplies to help you learn all about the company and to help you at your parties, access to one of the most innovative Work Stations out there to help you have a successful business, AND access to hundreds of beautiful home decor products that everyone will want to have in their homes! But hurry, this is only available through September, after that the price goes up to $199!
2. Success Start Program: Once you become a consultant and begin growing your team, Willow House wants to reward you with a Shopping Spree! That’s right, you will be able to pick items out of the catalog that YOU want for FREE!
3. Hostess and Customer Specials: Now with each qualifying party {$250 or more}, a Hostess will pick her own special! She can pick ANYTHING out of the catalog at 70% off! The FREE product credit and half off items are also still available, but this is a new incentive to all hostesses. For our customers, there is no more company chosen special! When a customer spends $39.96 or over, they will be able to chose ANY item $40 and under for HALF OFF! How great is that?
4. Shipping: Shipping is going DOWN, way down! Customers will now all pay 10% of their order total, that’s it! No more hefty shipping rates! AND for those ladies who live elsewhere and can’t attend or for BLOG parties, the direct shipping fee is gone too! Now, if a customer needs their order shipped directly to them, they will simply pay 15% of their order total! Yay for lower shipping costs!
5. Earn a FREE Trip to the Caribbean! In years past, the company has hosted trips to Mexico and the Atlantis, this year it’s a Carnival Cruise to the Caribbean! What’s even better is you can begin earning points in August! That means if you sign up now, you will have from August to March to earn points and win a FREE trip — the same amount of time as everyone else in the company!

This is just the beginning, TONS more will be coming in the next few months! If you’ve ever been on the fence about joining a direct sales company, or if you’re like me and are looking to make some extra money while still staying at home with your children, now is the time! Please email me and I’d love to share this opportunity with you!

Change is a Good Thing!

July 16, 2010

We told you we’d be a brand new company!

Here a just a FEW of the many things that are changing with Willow House:

1. Hostesses Benefits: Hostesses will be able to pick ANY item in the catalog at 70% OFF!!
— As you know, this is one of the specials {along with Double Hostess Points} in August that we are offering, so I am so happy that this is here to stay! I have not heard what else will be available for Hostesses when they book a party, but I can only imagine!
2. New Customer Specials: With a $39.96 order, customers can choose anything they want under $40 for 50% off !
— No more trying to convince customers to buy the Monthly Specials! Who will say no to a half off item of their choice?!
3. Now REALLY is the time to join: New design consultants pay only $99 for a business kit with $500 in product
— If you’ve EVER thought about starting your own business or wanting to make a little extra money on the side, now’s the time! You don’t have to be a Mathematician to see that spending $99 to get $500 worth of BRAND NEW PRODUCTS is worth the money!
4. We will have E-Boutiques!
— I don’t have many details, but from what I can gather, each consultant’s website will also be an e-boutique for customers to peruse through and buy {I think} directly from. How fabulous!

So this is all I have, but if and when I hear more, I will be posting about it! For now, I’ll leave you with a few more pictures I’ve found from Product Showcase!
Email me with questions, I’d love to help out in any way I can!

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Look What I Spy With My Little Eye….

July 15, 2010

I was unable to attend Willow House‘s First Annual National Convention, but thanks to Twitter and FB, I can still sort of feel like I’m there! I have spied a few new products that I wanted to share with you! I don’t have name of prices yet, but crossing my fingers that I will tomorrow! Catalogs are shipping today and should be here VERY SOON! You can still email me if you’d like me to drop one in the mail to you!


Got the New Catalog???

July 13, 2010

Who wants our NEW Willow House Catalog?

Email me at for a copy of it!